On December 11, 2022, Amazing Nature Scandinavia was recognized as a sustainable tour operator by obtaining the internationally recognized sustainability certificate ‘Travelife Certified’. This certification initiative is meant for tourism companies committed to reaching sustainability.


By traveling we always leave an ecological/carbon footprint behind and contribute therefore to the current global climate crisis. Amazing Nature Scandinavia tries to minimize this footprint by:

  • Focusing on small-scale local and sustainable cooperation partners
  • Promoting environmental awareness
  • Making environmentally conscious decisions and act accordingly
  • Managing the impact of all the activities on the local environment
  • Not offering transport to and from Sweden and advising customers on the most sustainable travel option. In case flights are a necessity we advise the customer on the most sustainable option: light packing, direct routes and modern fleets
  • Advising on sustainable transport whilst in Sweden
  • Minimizing the use of plastics and disposable packaging
  • Recycling
  • Working together with accommodations and activity providers who serve organically grown and locally produced food. We also encourage vegetarian meals.
  • Only offering group tours or activities with small groups
  • Promoting the freedom to roam, ‘Allemansrätten’, Sweden’s Right of Public Access – DO NOT DISTURB, DO NOT DESTROY (an important part of Swedish cultural heritage)

I started my company in 2017 with the goal of offering sustainable nature tours in Central Sweden. The landscape there is so varied that you could easily spend a few weeks in Central Sweden without having to travel through the whole of Sweden.

By offering bespoke travel itineraries, travelers can enjoy a great trip and reconnect with nature and wild animals. Next to these customized itineraries, I offer a few group tours with fixed dates.

Social and environmental responsibility as well as accessibility are key values to Amazing Nature Scandinavia. Where possible I try to work with local family owned accommodations and local guides.

We will take care of you from the moment we first get in touch until you have returned home.
The hosts, whether at the accommodations, the tourist attractions or the nature and wildlife tours are all well trained. They will take good care of you and guarantee that you have a great experience in Central Sweden or Swedish Lapland and Northern Norway (The latter are mainly on offer for returning customers).

Everything Amazing Nature Scandinavia does is done with great care. Hospitality and professionalism is in my nature so you have nothing to worry about. The local hosts will also gladly share their experience, equipment and knowledge with you.

CODE OF CONDUCT (Set of guidelines)

  • Minimization of the negative impacts on local nature and culture

As a local Swedish tour operator I have a solid knowledge of the destination and work closely together with other companies in the area. The travelers also feel at ease by my local presence. We want to preserve what the traveler has come to experience by contributing actively to nature and cultural conservation and will never allow too many visitors to a particular nature or cultural destination nor will we arrange any activity which could cause disturbance.

  • Support the local economy

Tangible benefits are positive for a local community. Each traveler contributes economically to a local destination by staying at family owned accommodation, shopping locally produced food, visiting cultural heritage or joining a tour guided by a local.

  • Being a sustainable tour operator

As a tour operator I must set a good example of a sound environmental practice by implementing a long-term sustainability management system. Policies must be in place regarding waste management, the amount of energy used, selection of sustainable suppliers, sustainable collective transport and sustainable activities with a close connection to nature. We seek to engage the support of customers, suppliers and authorities in this aspect.

  • Promote knowledge of the area

Ecotourism is about traveling with curiosity and a respectful mindset. Competent hosts provide visitors with good introductions to the area, the local population and history as well as the wildlife present. Excellent hospitality is key to a memorable trip.

  • Quality and safety all the way

Safety issues are taken very seriously and I want the tours to meet and exceed the customer’s expectations in every way. Amazing Nature Scandinavia is in compliance with all applicable local, national and international legislation and regulations. In cooperation with local authorities we will take care of security and safety, accident prevention, health protection and food safety.

  • Transport

Amazing Nature Scandinavia doesn’t offer transport (except for a few group tours). We will always advise you on the most sustainable travel option to and from Sweden and whilst in Sweden.

  • Activities

Amazing Nature Scandinavia doesn’t offer products, services or activities that harm humans, animals, plants or natural resources. The same rule applies for activities that are socially and or culturally unacceptable.

ETHICAL CODE (Set of principles)

As a responsible tour operator I have a strong attitude towards tolerance and respect for the diversity of religious, philosophical and moral beliefs. Within that aspect I’m asking my suppliers as well as my customers to observe the social and cultural traditions and practices of all people and recognize their worth. Therefore, the exploitation of human beings or animals in any form is strictly prohibited. Traveling with a sufficiently open mind will lead to self-education, mutual tolerance and learning about the legitimate differences between people and their diversity and cultures.

Every activity should take place in harmony with nature and the local traditions of the host region with respect for the laws, common practices and customs of Sweden. All forms of tourism development that are conducive to saving precious resources as well as avoiding waste production should be given priority and should be encouraged by national, regional, local and public authorities. The staggering in time and space of tourist and visitor flows should reduce the pressure of tourism activity on the environment and enhance its beneficial impact on the tourism industry and the local economy. The infrastructure and activities should be programmed in such a way as to protect the natural heritage composed of ecosystems and biodiversity as well as the preservation of endangered species.

Support the local community
Tourism policies should be applied in such a way as to contribute to the welfare of the local community. The local community should always be involved in the planning of tourism accommodation and the activities offered. Local manpower should always be given priority when it comes to guides. The fundamental rights (appropriate training and adequate social protection and salary) of salaried and self-employed workers should be guaranteed under the supervision of the national and local administrations.

Local hosts (guides, activity and accommodation providers) should acquaint themselves with the lifestyle, needs, tastes and expectations of the tourists visiting them so they can contribute to a hospitable welcome.

Your safety
The public and local authorities have been given the task to provide protection for you and your belongings, especially to you as you have a particular vulnerability as a foreign tourist. They should facilitate the introduction of specific means of information, prevention security and assistance consistent with your needs. Any attacks, assaults, kidnappings or threats against tourists or the hosts of a tourism company as well as the willful destruction of tourism facilities or elements of natural or cultural heritage should be severely condemned and punished in accordance with the respective national laws.

I, myself, will provide you with honest and objective information regarding your travel destination as well as the contractual terms of the services delivered. Next to that you will benefit from the same rights as the citizens of Sweden what the confidentiality of personal data and information concerns.

No criminality
Whilst traveling, tourists are not allowed to commit any criminal act or any act considered criminal by the laws of the country visited. They should also abstain from any action felt to be offensive or injurious by the local population or likely to damage the local environment. Tourists (national or international) should refrain from all trafficking in illicit drugs, fire arms, antiques, protected species and products and substances that are dangerous or prohibited by national regulations.

Minimize risks
Tourists have the responsibility to acquaint themselves with the characteristics of the countries they will be visiting with in case needed, the help of the local tour operator or hosts. Travelers should be aware of the health and security risks inherent in any travel outside their usual environment and behave in a way as to minimize those risks.

No corruption
Amazing Nature Scandinavia does not tolerate any type of corruption or bribery, either public or private, either active or passive! We are transparent in our dealings with all customers, suppliers, authorities and competitors.