Golden and white-tailed eagle

The winter morning dusk can only just be distinguished in the soft new daylight when you are getting settled in the comfortable hide, ready to witness a breathtaking spectacle. The heater is providing a pleasant warmth whilst the contours of the perhaps snow covered pines by the mire become clearly visible. The first ravens sound their characteristic “croa croa”, your camera is all set and you are ready and raring to go. With heavy wing beats the first eagle lands on one of the old dry pine branches right in front of the hide. The eagle is at a mere 20 meters and you will now have to carefully move your camera in order to take the first pictures. This is the closest you have ever been to a wild eagle.

You will do this!

  • You will spend the entire day in a comfortable eagle-watching hide
  • Enjoy a beautiful sunrise
  • Great chance of seeing multiple eagles

These large pine forests are where golden and white-tailed eagles spend their winters. The provided bait is irresistible to them. While the eagles are feasting on the bait they sometimes come within a distance of a mere 20 meters from the hide. Ample bait such as hare, roe deer, fish and fox is laid out in the direct vicinity of especially created landing spots, thus guaranteeing all pictures to look as natural as possible. The bait in question consists exclusively of road kills (except for the fish of course).

The well isolated hide features a simple dry toilet and a heater. The hide offers a panoramic northward view and ideally offers room to 2 persons, although it can be shared by 3. You get to sit on comfortable sheepskin covered chairs in pleasant temperatures, whilst a logbook provides interesting narratives written by previous visitors.

Practical information

Period: The eagle hide can be booked from November to March. January and February offer the most optimal light conditions and the best opportunity to observe the eagles up close.

Time: About an hour before sunrise you will be guided to the hide which is approximately a 300 meters walk from the road. The heating will be switched on for you so that you can prepare in all tranquility for a day in the hide. You stay in the hide until after sunset; this is to disturb the birds as little as possible and to ensure that the hide is not linked to human presence.

Meeting point: The eagle-watching hide is located on a piece of peat land in the nature reserve of Svartådalen in the province of Västmanland. The peat is part of an area of 750 km2 that is only crossed with gravel roads. The risk of human disturbance is therefore small and the abundance of wild animals large. The exact meeting point will be announced when booking.

Accessibility: This activity is suitable to anyone who can walk without problems. The walk to the hide is about 300 meters through marshland. This is an activity for the dedicated photographer and patient bird enthusiast. Anyone with an interest in birds will find this a very exciting way to get close to these impressive birds. Even with binoculars, the eagles are easy to observe.

Price: 2.750 SEK / person: the price includes guidance to the hide, lunch with cold and hot drinks for your stay in the hide and the use of slippers, comfortable chairs covered with sheepskins, blankets, candles, matches and flashlight. The surcharge for an overnight stay in a local B&B is 480 SEK per person including breakfast.

To bring along: Warm clothing (layers), suitable waterproof shoes or boots (for a 300 meter walk to the hide through marshland), your camera material and ball head, binoculars, head lamp and a bottle of water. Don’t forget your portion of patience. Come odor neutral yourself: perfumes or other strong scents are discouraged.

Booking: Contact me via e-mail or by phone +46 (0)70 230 68 70

This activity takes place in the wild, meaning that although you will be visiting the location where these animals live, no guarantees can be given as to what you will get to see/photograph.