What is the best period to discover Europe’s densest wilderness?

The best period to visit Central Sweden depends mainly on your interests and these vary from person to person. Below you can find a summary of which activities you can book in each period.


  • Observe/photograph birds of prey from a bird hide (golden eagle, white-tailed eagle, goshawk and many other bird species)
  • Guided bird excursions to feeding stations (with the nutcracker being a regular visitor)
  • Admire/photograph winter landscapes (depending on the weather conditions)


  • Observe the courtship of the black grouse or capercaillie from a hide


  • Bird migration
  • Join the owl ringers: take close-ups of owls


  • Follow the Great Grey Owl on its hunt

End of April-end of September:

  • Wildlife safaris for elk and beavers
  • Landscape photography workshop

Mid May-mid September:

  • Observe/photograph wild brown bears from a hide
  • Photograph ospreys from a boat
  • Paramotor tandem flight over the beautiful nature with the opportunity to take photos
  • Kayaking, canoeing and rowboat trips


  • Workshop macro photography – insects and orchids


  • Workshop macro photography – mushrooms and mosses


  • Bird migration


  • Guided nature photography walk