Black grouse courtship

PHOTOGRAPH BLACK GROUSE COURTSHIP FROM A HIDE – 1700 SEK per person (English/Swedish speaking guide)

Less than a 3 hours drive from Stockholm you can witness the black grouse’s courtship from up close. Very close. This fascinating spectacle with its corresponding sounds will give you a unique and fantastic outdoor experience. The hide offers you a great opportunity of studying and photographing the black grouse.

You gather in a photo gallery 2.5 hours before sunrise. You are served tea/coffee and are informed about the activity. After a 10 kilometer drive and a short 200 meter walk through the swamp you get settled in the hide. The tension builds as the darkness makes way for the dawn and the black grouse arrive.

The hut is situated on swamp grounds where the black grouse’s courtship has been taking place for many years. The location of the hide offers a significant chance to observe and photograph the black grouse from very close by. There are 4 places from which to photograph the black grouse: 2 in a hut from which you can photograph lying down, and 2 in a hut from which you can photograph from a seated position.

In previous years an average of 12-14 males made their appearance.

With a bit of luck you will see just as many females touching down at the edge of the area. Besides black grouse you may also see cranes and goshawks. Some foxes have been spotted in the early morning and a lynx might show up every now and again.

When the day begins and the black grouse have flown you will be picked up by your guide. A breakfast buffet will be waiting for you in the gallery.

The price includes:
Overnight stay in one of the guestrooms the night before the activity
Coffee or tea on departure to the hide
Transport to and from the hide
3-4 hour stay in the hide
Breakfast buffet

Please bring your own:
Warm and watertight footwear
Warm clothing
Camera material
Bottle of water and thermos

The black grouse hide can be booked from 15 March to 30 April; all days of the week except Mondays. In March you have a better chance of photographing the black grouse in the snow. If very low temperatures are not your cup of tea, April might be the better option.

An overnight stay in one of the on-site guest rooms is included, saving you from having to get up extra early in the morning. A shared kitchen and bathroom are at your disposal.

This activity takes place in the wild, meaning that although you will be visiting the location where these animals live, no guarantees can be given as to what you will get to see/photograph.